The Flipped Classroom


I saw this infographic last night, and thought the idea was intriguing. As a person who has previously taught high school, and tutored college students, I can see how the lecture model of education fails many students. The idea of delivering lectures online, so students can view them at their own pace is interesting. However, the most compelling characteristic of this model of education is that it allows students to rewind the lecture or take notes at their own pace. The lecture model also does not allow many students time to ask questions or receive feedback on their work. I was often forced to utilize the lecture method in my own classrooms, and found that my students were less engaged. The flipped classroom not only allows the teacher to actively engage with students, but also allows students to engage in productive discourse with each other. In my own college experiences, as a science major the first time, and an English major the second, I often wished that the classrooms were more interactive. Science classes were especially detached, but I think they have to be that way because of their subject matter. In my college English classes, there was more interaction, but flipping those classrooms would have allowed for less lecture time and more engagement.

I also wonder if the flipped classroom would boost student attendance and retention. The infographic says that fewer students failed, and fewer were disciplined. This aligns with my personal experiences that students fail because they are bored, not engaged, or lack the personal interventions that they need to succeed. I am hoping that the flipped classroom catches on in collegiate settings, and I look forward to learning more about it.




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