ENG 6002: February 17- Education Without Walls–The Benefits of Destabilizing Education with Technology

This week’s reading reminded me of one of my favorite TED talks. I have linked to it below. What is the importance of reimagining education, or taking school outside of its traditional buildings? As the above video, along with this week’s reading by Catherine Davidson and David Theo Goldberg emphasize a move towards collaborative learning. […]

Summer Reading-Chapter sixteen- A Rhetoric for Writing Teachers

Chapter sixteen- A Rhetoric for Writing Teachers “Teaching Writing with Computers” I have been in possession of Erika Lindemann’s book, A Rhetoric for Writing Teachers, since I took a teaching of writing course in undergrad. I decided to pick the book back up recently, as I am looking to read academic texts over my summer […]

The Flipped Classroom

I saw this infographic last night, and thought the idea was intriguing. As a person who has previously taught high school, and tutored college students, I can see how the lecture model of education fails many students. The idea of delivering lectures online, so students can view them at their own pace is interesting. However, […]